Transitioning to Island Life

I grew up in Seattle but the city life was never for me.  The traffic, the noise, the constant fast pace.  I was nervous about moving to Whidbey...would it feel too far away?  Would I make new friends?  All of my worries were unfounded.

One of my clients at the time had a ten acre farm and they were looking for a renter.  It was an easy way to make the leap, to see how I liked living on an island.  The first morning I woke up,  I thought "WHY didn't I do this sooner?"  The birds were singing, a deer was crossing through the back acreage, everything was so peaceful.  The year was 1985 and I have never looked back.

As I got out and about, I met wonderful people and learned about the very caring community that is South Whidbey Island.  It is a great place to live and to raise children.  And, you are not far from all that the international city of Seattle has to offer.  There are many great investment opportunities here on Whidbey.  Why not come up and have a tour?  I'd love to show you around.