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Many people have questions about moving to an island. You may also have questions about the market, ie, is this a good time to buy our island getaway? Perhaps you are considering selling but have questions about your options. I love to answer those questions!

 In 1985, I moved hereto Whidbey to escape the hectic pace of Seattle and city living in general.  I never missed the city.  There is so much to see and do here on Whidbey and such an amazing community.  It is a 20 minute ferry ride back to the other side.  The ferry runs quite regularly, every half hour for most of the day so it is relatively convenient to hop over to the city.

Do you have questions about building? I have bought and developed vacant land and acreage.  I know how to work with the county on new construction and remodels.  I have worked with the best subcontractors on the Island.  There are some incredible deals on land right now if one has an interest in building that dream home.  Whidbey has many very talented craftsmen who would love to work on your construction project!  The first house I built here on Whidbey was in Bush Point in 1987.

Looking for a beach cabin getaway?  There are some great values in waterfront and beach communities.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Please use the Contact Christina page for general questions and concerns.

Katzenmir and Christina