New Beginnings for a New Year-A Buyer/Seller Success Story

Sometimes it is a real challenge to make a change in life.  One of my clients was struggling with just that.  She had lived in a low-bank waterfront beach home for 41 years.  The property had been in the family even longer.  But reality was starting to set in and she realized that the challenges of waterfront living just weren't for her anymore. 

She wanted to find a home that was close enough to her old neighborhood that she could walk there and visit her friends.  She wanted to still be able to see the water and mountains.  A one-level low maintenance house was important as was room for her adorable canine companion.  We looked and looked for months and, finally, the right house came along.  She was able to sell her waterfront home and make the move to the new home.

Every time I visit, she tells me how happy she is and how glad she is that she finally made the move.  It warms my heart to see how well this worked out for her.  If you are struggling with the same challenge, I'd be happy to discuss options with you.  That perfect new home for you might be just around the corner!