A Seller's Success Story

One of the best selling experiences I have had was with a property owned by a Commander in the Navy.  The military had transferred him to Texas and he had to sell his Whidbey Island home which he had enjoyed owning very much.  The property had been listed for some time with another firm but it had no offers and not many showings.  After terminating his agreement with the previous firm,  the Commander called me in to see what could be done.  He flew in from Texas and we met at the property, going through it room by room.  My recommendations were judiciously chosen and simple but they had a big impact on the way the house looked to buyers and brokers.  The commander had 17 light fixtures replaced, painted rooms on the lower floor, had some minor plumbing repairs taken care of and did a couple of cosmetic improvements outside to improve the curb appeal.  Once the work had been done, I took full advantage of the property's new look and made sure the online presence was the best it could be.  The Commander's house sold in just a few months after that.

Christina was proactive in all that needed to be done... She communicated with me in a consistent and appropriate manner. She is by far the hardest working Realtor I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve sold 5 homes and she was hands-down the best one to work with!
— A. McCoy